Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy

Our consultancy services are designed to help your organisation assess the strength of your current wellbeing provision and craft a strategy that embeds employee wellbeing into the heart of your company culture.

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Workplace wellbeing impacts not only employees but also a company's success and productivity. A well-crafted workplace wellbeing programme can help employees become more engaged, motivated, and productive. Such a programme can address a wide range of factors like physical health, mental health, social connectedness, and financial wellbeing.

But with something as important and complex as employee wellbeing, many companies don’t know where to start. That’s where our consultancy services can help. Our team of experts have over 200 years of collective experience in workplace mental health and wellbeing. We have a deep understanding of mental health and wellbeing best practice as well as the legal health and safety regulations that your organisation needs to comply with. We’ll provide you with expert guidance on workplace wellbeing, leveraging our extensive experience and industry knowledge.

Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy Services

Every organisation is unique and so are its wellbeing needs. That's why we’ll work closely with you to understand your current wellbeing landscape and future goals.

To help you to create a healthy, positive work environment we offer two consultancy services:

  1. Workplace Wellbeing Audit
  2. Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Design and Implementation

Workplace Wellbeing Audit


Our Workplace Wellbeing Audit provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the current state of wellbeing within your organisation. During this three-day process, we analyse existing wellbeing data, engage with employees and senior leaders, identify strengths and areas for improvement and deliver a tailored report packed with actionable insights.

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Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Design and Implementation


Our Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Design and Implementation service will help embed wellbeing into your company culture for a healthier and more productive workforce.

Recognising the importance of employee wellbeing in every aspect of organisational life, our approach involves three stages: auditing where you are now, designing your strategic approach and providing you with a practical implementation plan.

Our Wellbeing Strategy Design and Implementation is an end-to-end service for organisations looking for support in not only auditing their current wellbeing provision, but also designing a comprehensive wellbeing strategy that will embed wellbeing into your company culture.

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Key Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy

  • Expertise and experience: We bring a wealth of experience, having worked with various organisations across different industries. We’re well-versed in best practices and emerging trends in workplace wellbeing, and can provide informed, effective strategies tailored to your organisation's unique needs.

  • Objective perspective: We’ll offer a fresh, unbiased perspective on your organisation's current wellbeing strategy. We can identify blind spots or areas of improvement that may be overlooked internally due to familiarity or bias.

  • Attract and retain: Developing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that incorporates wellbeing will help create a great place to work and enable you to stand out from competitors.

  • Resource efficiency: Auditing your wellbeing provision and developing and implementing a wellbeing strategy can be time-consuming. By outsourcing this task, internal resources can focus on their core responsibilities, increasing overall efficiency.

  • Employee confidence: Employees might feel more comfortable discussing sensitive wellbeing issues with an external party rather than their direct superiors or colleagues. This can lead to more honest feedback and more effective solutions.

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