"We saw a drop in absence levels as a result of Altruist's three-tier mental health training approach. We've noticed more staff coming into the office, more open conversations and a positive attitude towards wellbeing."

We implemented a wellbeing strategy at QSix because we recognise the type of work that our people do can bring a lot of pressure and responsibility. We noticed people struggling and felt we didn't have the right tools to handle it.

Altruist met our expectations 100%, I would even say 200%. The way the training was delivered was amazing. The people delivering the training have lived experience and that made others feel comfortable. We had such great feedback from colleagues!

"The Workplace Wellbeing Audit has enabled us to identify our strengths and areas for development. We have a clear and robust action plan for the way ahead!’"

Wellbeing is a core enabler to our employee engagement and retention strategy.

We chose Altruist to deliver our Workplace Wellbeing Audit because we wanted to use an expert with an objective view, where our employees can be completely honest with giving their feedback.

I've partnered with Altruist at the past three companies where I have responsibility for the HR function. Altruist offer a really professional, engaging and responsive service. The delivery is personable and I've always had excellent feedback from staff!

"We've seen an increase in confidence in talking about mental health, an openness of culture and have achieved buy-in from senior leaders to drive a more strategic approach to wellbeing."

Altruist supported us in establishing our Mental Health First Aider network which has been running for 5 years. We wanted to provide a no-judgment, safe and friendly peer-to-peer environment where colleagues could share experiences and signpost to support.

We chose Altruist as our MHFA training provider as they are trustworthy and authentic and deliver training that our colleagues need to best support them in their role.

"The duration of the training was perfect. Being split over 4 mornings worked very well with everyone's busy day to day work and allowed us time to reflect on our learning."

I recently completed the online Mental Health First Aid training with Altruist Enterprises. The course was amazing, really informative and covered a huge amount over the course of the four sessions.

Following the course, I’m now more confident in talking about mental health and generally asking people if they are okay without worrying about the answer. We have a lot of contact with other people from customers to colleagues so I can use the tools every day in conversations with anyone.

I would 100% recommend this course to others. This is a societal step change. I have waited a long time for this to happen!

"I appreciated the opportunity to receive training among a supportive group of like-minded professionals and practitioners, which led to great discussions on best practice."

The Senior Mental Health Lead course was excellent. The trainers and facilitator were superb. The content of the course and the way it was delivered was exceptional. It allowed for a lot of reflective practice.

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