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Resilience Training

Resilience training is a 3 hour course which helps employees to better manage stress and build resilience using evidence based approaches.

What is resilience?

Personal resilience is our ability to cope and deal with difficult life situations and pressures; it is our ability to ‘bounce back’ or recover from setbacks and adversity.

Why should your organisation take the resilience course? 
  • One in five employees report their job to be very or extremely stressful

  • 93% of businesses say that personal worries and stress can adversely affect staff performance at work (YouGov- find out more here)
  • Techniques such as Mindfulness can reduce anxieties by 48%

The course enables participants to:
  • Understand the impact poor well-being has on individuals and organisations

  • Define resilience and understand how it can be built

  • Look in depth at causes of stress and create steps to better manage and reduce them

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Assess their own mental well-being and resilience

  • Build resilience using evidence based approaches

  • Use strategies to deal better with pressure and change

Following the course, participants will receive a certificate of attendance along with resources to keep for further reference.

Prices start from £760 (up to 8 people)
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