Resilience and Stress Management Training Course Online

Our Resilience and Stress Management Training Course Online teaches effective stress resilience skills, giving you skills to cope with difficult circumstances.
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Everyone experiences stressful situations, both personal and professional. While stress is common and not always serious, if it isn’t effectively managed it can lead to long-term chronic stress which can be very damaging to physical and mental health. It’s therefore important to learn how to spot early symptoms and take positive action to keep stress at bay. Effective stress management not only reduces feelings of stress, it can also improve the overall health and wellbeing of our minds and bodies.

As the way we work continues to change, there is an increasing demand for accessible, flexible, and engaging training solutions that meet the needs of the modern workforce.

Ideal for remote workers, this online resilience skills training course, focuses on increasing self-awareness, building resiliency levels, and improving stress management techniques.

Resilience and Stress Management Training Course Online Feedback:

  • 97% of delegates rated our Resilience trainer as Excellent or Good*
  • 97% of delegates would recommend our Online Resilience and Stress Management course to a colleague
  • 93% of delegates reported they were more confident in managing personal stress levels and had a greater understanding of resilience-building tools and techniques following the course.

*External evaluation: sample size of 29 delegates from 5 deliveries of Online Resilience and Stress Management Course.

'Thank you so much for the Resilience and Stress Management training. As someone who suffers from anxiety and imposter syndrome regularly, I found it very helpful. I particularly enjoyed the way you enabled interaction with colleagues to discuss and challenge our current thinking, and the useful tools such as the ABC Model. Great that you are doing this important work, especially needed during this time'. - NHS Delegate

What is Resilience training?

Personal resilience is our ability to cope with difficult life situations and pressures. It is the quality that helps us to deal with the things that challenge us, such as relentless change, increasing expectations, economic uncertainty, and adversity.

Resilience skills training helps us to develop an understanding of resilience, what builds resilience, what negatively impacts on its development and what your default resilience strategies might be.

The comprehensive training will focus on tools, techniques, and practical approaches to building resilience. It is divided into two parts, as follows:

  • Part A: E-learning – Delegates will complete a 30-minute self-guided Resilience and Stress Management e-learning course to introduce them to the topic. Learning involves a mixture of video content, animations, worksheets, and quizzes with all successful delegates receiving a certificate of completion. E-learning is accessible via the Altruist Academy.
  • Part B: Live Webinar – Delegates will take part in an interactive 2.5-hour live webinar via Zoom. This session is facilitated by an expert Altruist Enterprises trainer and involves group discussions, delegate engagement via break out rooms, and Q & A sessions. Delegates receive an electronic workbook to aid learning and guide them through the training. Webinars are delivered to a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 delegates at a time.

Resilience and Stress Management Training Course Online Key Benefits:

The course is designed to allow delegates to explore and implement practical approaches at work and home to enable them to:

  • Build resilience for challenging situations
  • Identify and apply their toolbox of stress management skills
  • Positively adapt in constantly changing environments

Resilience and Stress Management Training Course Online Content:

Part A: E-learning, provides a basic introduction to resilience and stress management by defining key concepts and providing a knowledge base for delegates to build upon. This section covers the following aspects:

  • The Resilience Definition
  • How Resilient are You?
  • Influence and Control
  • Managing Stress
  • Interactive Quiz

Delegates continue their learning by participating in a live webinar which allows them to analyse and tackle issues surrounding uncertainty, change, and stress. This section covers the following aspects:

  • What is Resilience? This section involves a group discussion that allows delegates to consider what resilience means to them.
  • Managing Worries and Concerns. Delegates are taken through the Circle of Influence model, taken from Stephen Covey's 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People'. They will have an opportunity to reflect on their worries and concerns and consider what they can control and what aspects they can only stay concerned about.
  • Building Resilience - The ABC Model. This framework allows situations to be analysed so that delegates can understand if their thoughts are making circumstances worse.
  • The Stress Bucket - The stress vulnerability bucket looks at the causes of personal and work-related stress and how to empty your stress bucket.
  • Maintaining Wellness - ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing at Home’. Similar to the 5 A Day campaign which encourages individuals to eat five fruit and vegetables per day for a healthy body, the 5 Ways to Wellbeing were developed to support a healthy mind. Delegates will review and discuss actionable ways to improve their personal wellness on a daily basis.
  • Mindfulness for Stress Reduction. Delegates will have the opportunity to practice a 5-minute body scan mindfulness meditation to help reduce stress.

Resilience and Stress Management: Virtual Training Course Pricing:

Prices start from £110 + VAT per delegate (8 - 16 delegates).

How to book:

To find out more and book this resilience skills training, please contact us here, call 0121 271 0550 or email

We also offer face to face Resilience and Stress Management Training.