Resilience and Stress Management Training Course

Our Resilience and Stress Management Training Course is designed to build employee resiliency skills and develop techniques to effectively manage stress.
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Resilience and Stress Management Training is a 3-hour course which helps build employee resiliency skills and mental fitness in an ever-changing work environment using evidence-based approaches. This course is supported by West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN).

You can also try our free 2-minute Mental Health Workplace Audit to assess your current wellbeing provision.

What is resilience?

Every employee has to recover from setbacks or face adversity at some point during their working life. Our ability to ‘bounce back’ from these challenges is called resilience. Resilient people are better able to manage their feelings, coping with stress in a way that doesn’t adversely impact their behaviour.

Our corporate resilience training is designed to enable employees to increase this capability and help them to identify strategies to reduce their stress levels and perform better in difficult situations.

Why is stress management important?

Everyone experiences stress at some level. Stress is how our body responds to pressure, so sometimes low levels of stress can motivate us and help us complete tasks and achieve goals.

But we must be careful that our feelings of stress don’t last for too long. The effects of chronic stress can be very serious. If left unchecked, long-term stress can lead to physical health problems such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Stress can also wear us out emotionally, leading to mental health problems such burnout, anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, it’s possible to deal with stress and improve your wellbeing. By learning how to boost your resilience you will be able to challenge your thoughts and reduce feelings of stress.

Why should your organisation take this resilience in the workplace training course?

Every business will benefit from looking after their employees’ mental health and wellbeing. Workplace stress can easily contribute to poor mental health, so employers can make a huge difference to their employees’ wellbeing by improving their employees’ resilience and ability to cope with stress.

More importantly, having a workforce equipped to deal with challenging and stressful situations will make them happier and more fulfilled. This leads to better productivity and can also reduce the amount of employee absenteeism and presenteeism.

Statistics on workplace stress:

  • Work-related stress is the most common force of stress in the UK, with only 1% of people saying that they ‘never’ experience work stress (Perkbox)
  • A quarter of Britons say they have a mental health problem, and 63% say they know someone who does (YouGov)
  • For every £1 invested in workplace mental health interventions, organisations see a return on investment of between £1.50 and £9 (Thriving at Work Review)
  • 79% of organisations have reported stress-related absence and this figure rises to 90% for large organisations (CIPD)
  • In 2020/21 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related ill health cases. (HSE)

What are the benefits of Resilience and Stress Management training?

The resilience in the workplace course enables participants to:

  • Understand the impact poor wellbeing has on individuals and organisations
  • Define resilience and understand how it can be built
  • Look in depth at the causes of stress and plan steps to better manage and reduce them
  • Create an open forum within the working environment where employees feel confident in discussing mental wellbeing with colleagues

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess their own mental wellbeing and resiliency skills
  • Identify the early signs of stress in themselves and others
  • Build their resiliency skills using evidence-based approaches
  • Use strategies to better deal with pressure and change
  • Better handle challenging situations in the workplace

Following the course, participants will receive a certificate of attendance and resources to keep for further reference.

What does the Resilience and Stress Management Training cover?

The two sections encompass five consecutive components, each building on from the previous.

Section 01: Defining key concepts and applying to self and organisation

1. What is health and wellbeing?

2. Costs of poor mental health and wellbeing to individuals and organisations

3. What is resilience?

4. How resilient are you?

5. Using evidence based cognitive models to help build resilience

Section 02: Analysing and tackling issues surrounding change and stress at work

1. How to deal with change more effectively

2. Why does stress occur?

3. Stress in the workplace

4. How to reduce stress and promote positive mental wellbeing

5. Mindfulness exercises

To top-up and maintain your skills learnt in this course, we offer e-learning courses of various topics and lengths

Resilience and Stress Management Training Course Feedback

'I learnt how to recognise situations in my daily working and home life that I can work on to reduce my personal stress and build my resiliency skills. We were taken through a process which allowed us to challenge our negative thoughts and look at things from a different perspective. I found the mindfulness techniques really interesting as I had never practised them before and it is something I am interested to explore further and use as a tool to reduce the level of stress. Overall, a very helpful course.' Federica Merella, Consultant Anaesthetist, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Course Location:

We are based in Birmingham but are experienced in providing face-to-face training throughout the UK, depending on your organisation’s requirements. We also offer online training for resilience and stress management.

How much does Resilience and Stress Management Training Cost?

Prices start from £122.50 + VAT per delegate (8 - 16 delegates).

How to book:

To find out more and book this Resilience and Stress Management Training Course please visit our contact us page, call 0121 271 0550 or email us at

We also offer online resilience skills training.

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