The Future of Your Company Involves Stress Management Training

Mismanagement of mental health problems in the workplace are costing UK businesses £30.3 billion per year. Failure to implement strategies to support employees, may result in organisations experiencing problems with presenteeism, absenteeism and lack of engagement and motivation in staff.

Stress management is the incorporation of techniques to help an individual to control their levels of stress. Recently, stress management training has been developed to help individuals to cope with both personal worries brought into the workplace and stress triggered by work itself. Stress management techniques can involve any healthy activity that can help an individual to manage their levels of stress. For example, exercising, helping others, and challenging negative thoughts.

Modern-day lifestyle is fast paced and demanding, and we live in a world where we are constantly inundated with stressors. Stress is the most common cause of long term sickness absence in the workplace, and second most common cause of short term sickness absence. Some of the most common causes of stress are work-related; large workloads, frequent changes to the working environment, and certain management approaches. This is why rates of work-related chronic stress are still rising, highlighting the importance of effective stress management in the workplace.

Effective stress management, incorporating stress management training as part of a whole company well-being approach, has been shown to help reduce levels of workplace stress, leading to a more inviting working environment, fewer absences, and more efficient teams.

Companies that undergo stress management training can find that their employees are able to work more effectively. In fact, a study from the Journal of Workplace Behavioural Health found that stress management programmes can effectively reduce employee stress and personal burnout rates by nearly 50%.

Altruist Enterprises are a leading provider of tailored stress management training. Our ‘Identifying and Managing Stress’ courses have been proven to improve delegates’ confidence in managing stress and supporting others.

Over a one-day course, delegates from Nissan Motor Parts saw a 90% increase in their confidence in managing stress and supporting their employees, whilst delegates from Hill and Smith Limited saw a 47% increase following our 3-hour course.*

To find out more about our Identifying and Managing Stress courses, please click here

*Delegates are asked to rate their personal confidence in managing stress and supporting colleagues on a scale of 1 – 10 before and after each course. 1 being not at all confident and 10 being very confident. Percentage increases are then calculated.

Douglas is a student intern at Altruist Enterprises. He is currently studying an MA in English Language and Applied Linguistic at the University of Birmingham. Douglas has a passion for marketing, and has completed a digital marketing course alongside studying for his MA qualification. He is glad to be given the opportunity to apply what he has learned from this course to help an organisation with such a worthwhile cause.

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