Mental Health: Lunch And Learn Online

Our Lunch and Learn Online sessions improve employee mental health awareness, helping them tackle stress and look after their own wellbeing at work.

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Are you looking to run an online Lunch and Learn session for your remote or hybrid workforce?

We offer three different one hour virtual 'Lunch and Learn' style sessions for employees on resilience, mental health, and wellbeing. We deliver these sessions as three different lessons:

· Resilience and Change

· Mental Health at Work

· Practical Tools for Wellbeing at Work

These sessions are delivered online via video conferencing, allowing you to easily share important lessons on mental health awareness with your entire workforce.

Employees will benefit from all three lessons, so we typically recommend that sessions are held once a month over three months. No previous knowledge is required for any of these sessions, so if a staff member were to miss a workshop, they would still be able to participate in the next one. However, we do recommend that staff engage with all three sessions to help retain knowledge and maintain momentum.

How do online Lunch and Learn sessions work?

We typically run the sessions over Zoom, which we’ll fully organise. If you’d prefer to organise the meetings internally, we’re also happy to join using Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or any other virtual meeting provider.

Connect your employee wellbeing strategy to your remote workforce

Engaging your employees with your employee wellbeing programme isn't easy if they’re not always in the office. That’s where our Online Lunch and Learn sessions can really help. They’re a less formal way of helping you to connect with your remote workforce, making them feel included while teaching them essential wellbeing skills.

They’re a break from the norm as you’ll be raising awareness of mental health in a fun, absorbing way. Attendees also appreciate that the focus is on them – not only developing their knowledge but also, ultimately, improving their wellbeing.

The sessions are often very popular with employees, and can tie in nicely with wellbeing awareness days such as Mental Health Awareness Week, World Mental Health Day and Stress Awareness Day.

The online Lunch and Learns can also serve as an opportunity to signpost your well-being services to your remote workforce. Good wellbeing services to direct them to might include your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), gym/fitness discounts, Mental Health First Aiders, virtual GP services or any other relevant wellbeing benefits. By raising awareness of these services, your employees are more likely to use them. They’ll also be able to point colleagues to appropriate services should they have any concerns about their wellbeing.

Why should your organisation take this online Lunch and Learn course?

  • To show employees that your organisation takes their mental health and wellbeing seriously.
  • To increase employee awareness of mental health, wellbeing and resilience.
  • To develop an understanding of stress and how it affects your employees.
  • To boost confidence in recognising the early signs of stress and mental ill-health.
  • To increase understanding of the myths and facts surrounding mental health.

Online Lunch and Learn Course Content:

Session 1: Resilience and Change

· What is Resilience?

· How Resilient are you? Aspects of resilience and reflection

· Building Resilience through Change

· Influence and Control

· Managing Stress

Session 2: Mental Health at Work

· What is Mental Health?

· Mental Health Within your Specific Sector

· Dealing with Stress - The Stress Bucket

· Early Warning Signs of Mental Ill-health

· Starting the Conversation: Talking Top Tips

· Signposting

Session 3: Practical Tools for Wellbeing at Work

· Getting to know yourself and your team better

· Language and Helpful Phrases when discussing mental health with a colleague

· Listening Skills

· Understanding mental health problems e.g. Anxiety and Depression

· Pledge - taking ownership

Other potential sessions:

We also run Lunch and Learns on Menopause and Neurodiversity Awareness.

Cost of Online Lunch and Learns:

Our Mental Health Lunch and Learn Online sessions start from £750 + VAT for group bookings (25 - 100 delegates).

How to book:

To find out more about our online Lunch and Learns, please call 0121 271 0550, email us at or contact us here.

We also run face-to-face corporate wellness Lunch and Learn sessions.