And Breathe…. Let’s Stop Stress Together

It was all going so well. We know the feeling. Everything is going brilliantly at work, you’ve planned out your entire week and then, suddenly, a crisis comes crashing around your ears.

To make matters worse, the crisis has sent your entire team into a tailspin. They now resemble a team of headless chickens training for a 1500m relay. When you finally go home and explain what has happened, your partner is, bewilderingly, not a huge fan of having the same conversation 37 times within an hour of your arrival.

The Hassle Continues

This only compounds the problem. You feel as though your entire social and professional network is getting at you for something you have no control over. Nothing seems to be working anymore. You are so preoccupied with work thoughts that the next morning, you even manage to burn your toast. Very often, the crisis which has taken over your life turns out not to be caused by a work issue itself, but rather, a build up of personal and work stress coupled with fears over how your role in that issue may be perceived by your colleagues.

How To Remove Threats Of Impending Doom From Your Crises

It is crucial to take a step back and think only of the issue itself. For example, if a deadline has not been met by your team, focus your time on completing the task as quickly and calmly as possible, rather than Greg’s screaming next to the photocopier. Stress does to productivity, what your kid’s jam sandwich does to your car’s interior; absolutely ruins it. Worse still, long-term stress can dominate your life to such an extent, that you hardly ever see your family. When you do spend time with them, you’re distracted by 50 urgent work emails. For this reason, stress is the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week. Stress so often causes hideous damage to people’s lives; yet goes unseen just as frequently.

The Benefits Of A Stress-Free Office

By removing stress from your life, you can make sure that your time at work is spent working and that you not only have some time at home, but that this time is spent doing anything but work. That’s way easier said than done though, right? Wrong. If you have the right support, removing stress from your life will be one of the easiest and most rewarding things you will ever do.

How We Help Your Business Manage Stress

At Altruist Enterprises we provide that support to businesses every day. As a manager, it may seem as though there is nobody you can talk to about the issue, that nobody understands your situation, or that the crisis is an example of significant personal failure.

You can talk to us. we have many years’ experience advising a range of business on how to banish stress from their offices. Our nationally recognised courses will show you how to restore calm to even the tensest situations.

Better still, our courses help teams to spot the signs of crises, so that you can resolve issues in your office immediately, before they morph into monstrously stressful situations. These courses are hugely popular as they help each team we work with to create their own strategies for preventing crises from developing.

Nobody should have to suffer from stress or anxiety in silence. Suffering from stress is not a personal failure. Failure to manage stress within workplaces is a corporate failure. Give us a call today on 0121 271 0550 and make sure that every team in your business remains healthy, motivated and productive.

We're passionate about improving your resilience building and stress-management skills so that you and your employees can get the most out of life. Obtain practical tools for managing your stress levels through our stress management course, or online stress management course.

Katie Buckingham

Katie founded Altruist Enterprises in 2013. Since then, she has grown Altruist into a nationwide provider of mental health and resilience training. Katie is a seasoned public speaker and innovator of bespoke mental health courses. In 2022, Katie won the Cambridge Social Innovation Prize awarded by Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge and Cambridge Judge Business School.

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