Mental Health Training for Managers

Our Mental Health Training For Managers course will help line managers better understand mental health and the causes of stress in the workplace. It will equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to support their team when mental health and wellbeing issues arise.
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Mental health awareness is becoming an increasingly important tool for effective management in the workplace. Managers need to be acutely aware of how poor mental health and wellbeing can impact their staff and learn how to effectively help employees when problems arise.

Our face to face Mental Health Training For Managers course involves a one-day training designed to increase knowledge and confidence around mental health. It is an opportunity for delegates to explore and implement practical approaches within the workplace.

This training can play a key role in boosting your organisation’s employee wellbeing strategy. By providing mental health awareness training for managers, you’re also demonstrating your commitment as an employer to your workforce’s mental wellbeing.

It can also form a significant part of a manager’s professional development, helping them to become more attentive to people’s behaviour and needs, improving their ability to delegate and make changes, empowering them to build a happy and productive team.

This course is supported by West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN).

Mental Health Training for Managers Course Feedback

  • 100% of delegates would recommend our Mental Health Training for Managers to a colleague*
  • 100% of delegates rated the trainer as Excellent or Good
  • Delegates reported a significant improvement in the following five areas after completing the training:
  1. Equipped with the tools needed to confidently and effectively support their team
  2. Confidence in spotting the early signs of poor mental health
  3. Confidence in starting mental health conversations with members of their team
  4. Confidence in supporting team members through difficult times, whether work-related or otherwise
  5. Confidence in managing their own mental health

*External evaluation: sample size of 32 delegates from 4 deliveries of the Mental Health Training for Managers

‘The full day line managers mental health training was very insightful. The course was expertly delivered with lots of time for discussion and also in an informal and enjoyable nature’ - Rachel Smith, Senior Health Officer, Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation

Why should your managers take this Mental Health Training course?

  • The Mental Health Training for Managers course provides tangible outcomes and next steps which your organisation can implement immediately.
  • Training videos and case studies are tailored towards specific industries so that they are relevant to your organisation.
  • The course is non-prescriptive and provides managers with a range of tools to enable them to support their teams effectively whilst adhering to the Equality Act and workplace Health and Safety regulations.
  • Group discussions and workshop activities increase engagement and foster team-building.
  • Return on Investment: For every £1 invested in mental health in the workplace interventions, organisations see an average return on investment of £5 (Deloitte 2020).

By the end of the Managers Mental Health Training course, participants will be able to:

  • Complete Stress Risk Assessments for their teams using the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Management Standards - Organisations with 5 or more employees are required to have risk assessments in place. This also includes stress risk assessments. A stress risk assessment aims to be proactive in identifying stress triggers and managing mental wellbeing within the workplace. The stress risk assessment is a helpful tool to aid early intervention and understanding the sources of stress for an individual. You may also find that an individual’s stress is not being caused by the workplace itself but rather, by personal worries brought into work.
  • Understand how their behaviours may influence/affect team members during periods of stress e.g. organisational change - There will be different personality types within your workplace. This is a good thing but can also cause stress as people may perceive things and behave in different ways. Delegates will have the opportunity to think about different personality types in relation to the following; Time Management, Behaviour towards deadlines, Communication, Reaction to change, Thinking styles, Leadership style and Coping mechanisms.

Participants will also be able to:

  • Define mental health and some common mental health issues including anxiety and depression
  • Understand factors that affect mental health
  • Spot the signs and symptoms of a mental health problem
  • Feel confident in starting mental health conversations
  • Take steps to improve their own mental health and wellbeing
  • Identify and implement practical approaches to support colleagues experiencing mental ill health within the workplace

What to expect from Mental Health Training for Managers:

  • Learning takes place through a mixture of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities. There are plenty of scheduled breaks throughout the day.

Everyone who completes the course will receive:

  • A 'Mental Health at Work' training booklet to use for further reference
  • A certificate of attendance

Mental Health Training for Managers cost:

Prices start from £155 + VAT per delegate (8 - 16 delegates).

Course Location:

We are based in Birmingham, but are experienced in providing face-to-face training throughout the UK, depending on your organisation’s requirements. We also offer Online Mental Health Training For Managers.

How to book:

To find out more about our Mental Health Training for Managers courses, please call 0121 271 0550, email or contact us here.

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