National Health Awareness Days UK

Ensure that your organisation is aware of upcoming National Health Awareness Days with Altruist Enterprises helpful calendar. Find days to focus your employees on their personal well-being, as well as raise awareness of mental health within your workplace.


  • Blue/Brew Monday (3rd Monday of January)


  • 6th Time to Talk Day
  • Childrens Mental Health Awareness Week (First week of February)


  • Eating Disorder Awareness Week (Moves between late February and early March)
  • 1st Self Injury Awareness Day
  • 5th University Mental Health Awareness Day
  • World Sleep Day (Mid-March)
  • 20th International Day of Happiness
  • Neurodiversity Celebration Week (Late March)
  • Workout and Well-being Day (Late March)
  • 30th World Bi-Polar Awareness


  • Autism Awareness Week (End of March/beginning of April)
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • 7th World Health Day
  • 2nd International Autism Awareness Day
  • 28th World Health and Safety at Work Day
  • Maternity Mental Health Awareness Week (Last week of April/first week of May)


  • National Walking Month
  • 12th ME Awareness Day
  • 13-19th Mental Health Awareness Week


  • 14th Men’s Health Awareness Day
  • Loneliness Awareness Week (Mid-June)
  • 18th Father’s Mental Health Awareness Day


  • Talk to us Samaritans Awareness Month
  • 24th 24/7 Samaritans Awareness Day


  • 6th World Meditation Day


  • 10th World Suicide Prevention Day
  • Happiness at Work (Last week of September)


  • 10th World Mental Health Day


  • Stress Awareness Week (First week of November)
  • National Stress Awareness Day (First Wednesday of November)


  • 5th International Volunteer Day

Jasmine in a dedicated Marketing Assistant and Mental Health Facilitator with excellent creative and communication skills. She is also a Mental Health Advocate who seeks to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health through journalism and has recently been published by The Huffington Post. Jasmine is extremely passionate about Youth Mental Health and Employment. She is currently launching a podcast for Altruist UK entitled, 'Millennials, Mental Health and Making Money' which will include open and honest discussion regarding the impact of the Youth Mental Health Crisis on employment. Jasmine is currently completing an MSc in Global Ethics and Justice with The University of Birmingham. She has particular interests in how mental ill-health effects social justice, as well as Epistemology, Political Philosophy and Gender Ethics. Jasmine also enjoys writing creatively, practising yoga and cooking as part of her emotional self-care.

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